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6 Mar 2015

prioritising commitments

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The fifteen days of the Chinese New Year is over and I'm missing it already. The lou heis (prosperity toss), the ang baos (red envelopes filled with money) and majorly, the carefree moments.

First assignments and mid-semester tests have finally concluded this week, but there is no room to take a break. It is time to start on the final assignments!

One thing I've learnt from being busy, is to always prioritise your commitments properly. Always, always, leave room for some relaxation and alone time because trust me, you'll need it. I would highly recommend an organizer to keep track of upcoming events and deadlines! If you prefer an online organizer, the calendar application on a MacBook works just fine - you can even label different categories (e.g. personal, school, work, etc.) with different colors.

The second tip is to figure out how much time each activity requires and to compare it with the number of days left to the deadline. For me, I would start on the most tedious assignment first. However, do keep in mind that this works for differently for each person!

Lastly, keep a to do list and strike the task off once you have completed it! Reward yourself with your favourite snack or drink before you head on to the next. As the strikes accumulates, you'll start to feel a sense of achievement, motivating you further.

Never ever blame yourself for falling short - a busy schedule requires self-motivation and optimism!

So there it is, three tips on prioritising your commitments! You can do it, believe in yourself!

With love & till next time,

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