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21 Feb 2015

asience inner rich shampoo

Before usage

Asience has recently introduced an innovative haircare concept - the brand new power beauty serum! Choose between Inner Rich (for dry and frizzy hair) or Nature Smooth (for oily scalp and tangled ends).

Having dyed my hair from brown to red to brown to purple ends, my hair faces the problem of being too dry. For me, I've chosen the Asience Inner Rich shampoo and conditioner in order to combat my dry hair! With Inner Rich, my hair is ensured all day moisture!

After 2 days of usage

I've used the shampoo and conditioner for 3 days straight so far and I've felt great changes to my hair! My hair is so much smoother and moisturised, allowing people to retract their comments on how dry my hair is.

To top it off, with the concentrated infusion of argan oil, camelia oil, pomegranate extracts as well as rose, white pearl and lemongrass essences, my hair smells great and refreshing!

After 3 days of usage

Styling my hair is now easier, and I feel more confident now!

Grab your Asience Inner Rich shampoo and conditioner today at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores at only $14.90 (480ml)! If you're still unsure if the shampoo and conditioner is suitable for you, grab your samples from Sample Store today when you click this link (https://www.samplestore.com/asience-inner-rich-shampoo-conditioner.html)!

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