YYOKEFONG: quick updates: all hallows' eve

31 Oct 2015

quick updates: all hallows' eve

Happy Halloween, folks! I personally love halloween. I think it's because I love watching horror movies. Just looking at pictures of the various halloween make up gets me excited. Unfortunately, I had to miss this year's Halloween Horror Nights at Universals Studio Singapore.

Unlike many years back, Singapore was never so receptive to the idea of halloween. Be it the dressing up, or even participating in haunted houses. As the years pass, everyone seems to be excited about it, and I think it's a great tradition to bring in!

Hopefully there'll be door-to-door trick or treat soon - that would be rad!

As I lay on my bed penning down my thoughts, I recall the year I was a scare actress at Sentosa 4D Magic. I had the opportunity of being both a skeleton (for photo taking) and an old sweeping lady (inside the trail). It was so much fun watching people run away from you as you scream at them! Call me sadistic, why won't you?

Till then, boo!

With love & till next time,

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