YYOKEFONG: food tasting @ ippin cafe bar

29 Oct 2015

food tasting @ ippin cafe bar

Back to writing and reviving this blog which was dead for a few months due to me being busy with commitments in council.

Here's snippets of my food tasting session at IPPIN CAFE BAR. I'm really digging the interior and the authentic #BetterThanMom homemade Japanese dishes that they offer, especially the Wasabi Salt/Garlic Soy Beef Steak! Not to mention, their Strawberry Yoghurt Sake takes a whole new twist on alcohol.

Their Cold Yuzu Noodles had my taste buds delightfully flying, with it being a 'lil sour and refreshing. We were served with Darjeeling Tea where for the first time, the tea is fermented twice and water from the mountains are used. It was also turned into a form of jelly, where the taste was light and smooth.

Thank you Hazel and the staff at IPPIN for the hospitality!

With love & till next time,

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