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2 Aug 2016

beauty review: eyelash extensions

Me with Bare Eyelashes
I've never done eyelash extensions before, and I rely on eyeliner and mascara to make my eye pop! The thing I like about mascara is that it makes me look less sleepy and tired!
I feel that my bare eyelashes are quite short and isn't visible in pictures. So when Vanitee contacted me regarding a sponsorship of Eyelash Extensions, I thought, "Why not? Let's give it a go!"
Off I went to Angelxinbeauty to get my eyelashes done - they have two outlets, City Plaza @ Geylang and People's Park Centre @ Chinatown. I was informed that I would need to set aside 2 hours for the whole process. Who knew that it would take so long right?
I was assigned to a beauty technician of the name Gena who was gentle with my eyelashes the whole time! When it comes to my face and nails, I really appreciate the technician to be gentle with me. I chose the natural beauty extension as I'm working full-time now. I can't possibly head to work looking like I'm ready to club anytime.
Gena snapped this picture of me after the eyelash extensions were done! It's 95 strands on the left and 100 on the right. During the whole process, I felt like I was getting little pokes on my eyelid, but it was never painful. If you're wondering what the white tape is for, it is a tape to isolate the top and bottom lashes from one another.
And viola! Done! My eyes are so huge now.
So this is me after my eyelash extensions are done - notice how curved the eyelashes are, and how long it is! Makes me look like I have eyeliner on as well. Score!
This is me a few days before the eyelash extensions with eyeliner and mascara. Can't even see my eyelashes!
So what about my whole experience after the eyelash extensions were done?
It was definitely uncomfortable on the first day as I wasn't used to it. Showering was slightly difficult as well because I was trying hard not to rub my eyes less it falls out. Today's the third day and I'm feeling good and prettier! You'll get used to it after a while.
If you want to get your eyelashes done, choose Angelxinbeauty! At less than $100, you can get beautiful eyes without putting on eye makeup, which lessens the hassle of removing eye makeup.
UPDATE: Good news! You can flash a screenshot of my Instagram post and caption on my eyelash extensions for $5 off your booking at Angelxin beauty! Thank you Gena!

Anyway, Vanitee is giving away a free product in conjunction with Singapore's 51st Birthday! All you have to do is to make a booking between 4th and 10th August 2016 and use the code <VTND16>! Limited to a one time use only.

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