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30 Mar 2016

skycart - #skycartishere

Today's review is a little different, instead of the usual beauty review that I do, this is on Skycart. Skycart is a personal shopper for all things you can buy from Taobao. They work like an agent who processes your order all the way from payment to shipping then to delivery.

Disclaimer: I've always been a fan of 65daigou, I personally feel that their site is user-friendly and there's a wide range of products to choose from through their categories such as "cash rebates" for their partner shops and "best buys" for various collections. This review is sponsored, but I will still be sharing my honest opinions.

Skycart has kindly sponsored me S$75.00 worth of credits to review their app, this includes products made available via their app and no "buy for me". "Buy for me" is a simple copy and paste url to get the item directly from Taobao to the agent.

Skycart claims to be the industry match with zero service charge and the lowest sea shipping rate at S$0.80/500g. This is absolutely true as 65daigou charges S$1.30/500g for parcels from 0kg to 30kg.

The above snapshot is the homepage for Skycart's app. The unique and wow factor of Skycart's app is definitely its availability of Korean beauty products. We're all constantly worried that if we purchase these products online, they are not authentic and may in fact harm the skin. However, Skycart has ensured that they are all directly from Korean suppliers themselves (I have yet to verify it).

The Skycart app includes categories such as Babies & Kids, Home, Women, Skin Care, Beauty and even Kpop - swipe left to see more!

Tapping on skin care showcases these Korean beauty products that are available for purchase.

I personally feel that the variety available via the app is too little, as there are only about twenty products for the "Women" category. If you want to purchase a larger variety, do go search for what you want on Taobao and copy the link over to "Buy For You"!

Tapping on the top left corner reveals other functions such as Order Tracking (tracking of the orders you have purchased), Skypay (your payment or balance) and Buy For You (copy and pasting of the url directly from Taobao for a purchase).

Tapping on your profile picture reveals these details - add in your address to make home delivery easy!

These are the items I've purchased with the S$75.00 credits from the various collections suggested on the app!

1. VDL Lumilayer Primer  - S$24.00 (Beauty Best Seller)
2. Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - S$14.85 (Skin Care)
3. 1 Day 1 Pack - S$13.20 (3 Pack Mask)
4. Volcanic Black Head Out Balm - S$8.91 (Skin Care)
5. Wooden Coaster - $4.90 (Wood Work)
6. Wooden Phone Holder - S$4.90 (Wood Work)

Total: S$70.76

Will do a review on the some of the items once I have the time!

After checking out, pick your collection method! There are three to choose from - Home Delivery (directly to your home), Warehouse Collection (Skycart's warehouse is located at Tai Seng) & Collection Point (this includes neighbourhood stations that Skycart provides).

I chose the home delivery method, and this includes and additional charge of S$5.00 but hey, right to your door step! This is the exact same home delivery charge that 65daigou charges for parcels 5kg to 8kg.

You can immediately pick your collection time and date - be sure to keep your schedule free for the day you've selected for home delivery as they do charge again if you miss it! I would prefer choosing my collection date at a later timing so that I can better plan my schedule. 65daigou offers choosing of a collection date once your parcel arrives in Singapore.

If you want to check your order status, simply tap on "Order Tracking" and your current orders will appear!

Received on the 19th of March - Skycart will inform you when your parcel has arrived in Singapore and when it's on the way to collection! Perfect reminder for the busy!

The package arrived on the 22nd as per scheduled, it arrived at approximately 9.55PM. It was packaged very nicely in this brown paper bag, which pleasantly surprised me. Each beauty item came in its original packaging whereas the wooden phone holder and coaster came in a bubble wrap.

This packaging is much nicer than 65daigou's, who packs everything in a ton of bubble wrap before storing it in a polymailer and plastic bag. Talk about wastage!

I checked back on the Skycart app, and viola! Look, they have new additions - that's fabulous! Although, they did remove some categories from the home page, leading to a low variety once again.

Verdict on Skycart's app (excluding the "Buy For You" function):
Convenience:  (accessible anywhere, any time)
Variety of Products: ♥ (limited selection of items)
User-friendliness:  (simple, clear cut)
Loading Time: ♥ (took 3 minutes to load the next page of items although I was running on 4G)
Price: ♥ (definitely cheaper than 65daigou by S$0.50/500g just based on Sea shipping alone)
Packaging:  (got to love the brown packaging and minimal wastage)

Download the Skycart app via the App Store or Google Play Store today! #Skycartishere to join in on the fun, easy and affordable shopping today! The Sky is in your hands.
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