YYOKEFONG: beauty review: mane n' tail shampoo

1 Mar 2016

beauty review: mane n' tail shampoo

I'm back after a long hiatus with a new beauty review for Sample Store's Mane 'n Tail shampoo!

Mane ‘n Tail Singapore provides a range of 5 specially formulated shampoos and conditioners - Original, Herbal-Gro, Deep Moisturizing and Gentle Clarifying & Replenishing. This shampoo brand has been awarded several highly recognised beauty awards including “Best Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner” by Woman’s Weekly and “Best Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner” by CLEO Magazine.

Having tried the Herbal-Gro shampoo which states that breakage will be reduced, here's my thoughts on this mint green shampoo. 

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The Herbal-Gro shampoo is said to provide the following benefits:
1. Gently cleanses, leaving the hair shiny, silky and healthy looking
2. Prevents breakage, frizz and spilt ends, thus leaving the hair stronger and longer (due to the micro-enriched protein formula)
3. Safe for relaxed, permed, colored or chemically treated hair

Herbal-Gro Shampoo
The Herbal-Gro formula consists of a blend of natural herbs and olive oil is designed to leave hair stronger and longer (yes, I'm always concerned about how slow my hair grows and so I was excited to try it)! Awarded the “Best Strengthening Conditioner” by Cosmopolitan in 2013, this formula contains no strong smell at all - perfect for a scent sucker like me!

I've also tried the Deep Moisturizing range and it has very much surprised me - after a simple conditioner, my hair has become more silky and soft! It looks really great too! 


The Deep Moisturizing shampoo is said to provide the following benefits: 1. Locks in moisture (due to being micro-enriched with deep hydrating botanicals) 2. Fortifies the hair (due to Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B)

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo


However, my favorite range is still the mint colored Herbal-Gro shampoo and conditioner! It's amazing how at the first touch after washing off the shampoo feels dry but after drying, it feels healthier than ever. Not to mention, my breakage has definitely reduced and lesser hair is dropped each day (my mother would definitely approve)!

P.S. I do not blow dry my hair but instead sit under the fan and wait for it to dry - I heard it's better for your hair this way. For those with low immune systems, I wouldn't recommend it as you'll fall sick easily.

Final Verdict: 
Color: ♥ ♥ (I'm not a fan of anything green)
Moisturizing: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (creates a dry touch, but moisturizers after) 
Scent: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

You can purchase Mane ‘n Tail for $15.90 at Watsons, Guardian, major Cold Storage, 

Robinsons, John Little, BHG and NTUC or buy it online via their E-store Maimee's Corner.

Or simple get your FREE sample on SampleStore.com here

With love & till next time, 

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