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11 Jan 2016

thought post: simple pleasures

"Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything."

When 2015 came to an end, I realised how many things within the last half of the year has changed me. I became someone I dislike because I know that I can do better.

I took upon a resolution - to find joy in the simplest things in life, and to jot them down every night. Just like every resolution, it started out strong but I failed to have it written down every night because I was too tired from my activities in the day. Nonetheless, I still think about it before I sleep (let's call it half a resolution achieved).

Finding joy in the simplest things in life meant that I should stop complaining about how the whole world is changing, that I should be easily contented. Yesterday was one of the days that while in the midst of having fun, I thought to myself "this is really something so simple, yet it made me so happy". 

So I thought I'd share my 10 days of simplest pleasures with you.

1 Jan (Day 1)
Won $16 from a Poker game with my friends (it wasn't much but it made me happy because it covered my cab fare back)

2 Jan (Day 2)
My mum made begedil (it wasn't much but I love potato)

3 Jan (Day 3)
Had snacks from Thailand and Japan that my relatives brought back from their trips (it wasn't much but hey, there was Tom Yam seaweed and some Japan White Chocolate biscuit)

4 Jan (Day 4)
Got called down for an interview for one of the jobs that I found really interesting (it wasn't much but to me, it meant that I had something special)

5 Jan (Day 5)
Got complimented for my character during an interview (it wasn't much but it was my second interview after graduation, and it made me feel accomplished thus far)
Had dinner and gift exchange with my team (it wasn't much but sitting there and watching the laughter they shared, I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy as their exco)

6 Jan (Day 6)
Played Indian Poker with a group of friends and one of the guys went easy on hitting me (it wasn't much but it was a sign that he actually respected me as not only a friend but a lady)

7 Jan (Day 7)
A customer wished me all the best (it wasn't much but it meant a lot because it was my first day at work)

8 Jan (Day 8)
Ate Prawn Noodles for lunch at Esplanade Exchange (it wasn't much but Prawn Noodles was one of my favourite dishes that I hadn't had it months) 

9 Jan (Day 9)
Found the time and drive to complete tasks (it wasn't much but the tasks to be completed could have taken a few days and instead I took 1) 
My mum bought me lemon and cucumber so that I could make detox water (it wasn't much but I mentioned that I wanted to make it in our family group chat and she efficiently got it the next day)

10 Jan (Day 10)
Someone said to me: "Shall find time to have dinner together okay! It's weird not seeing you in school." (It wasn't much but it made me feel loved, and it somehow meant that I made an impact in someone's life)
Had the fluffiest French Toast (it wasn't much but it melted in my mouth and it was the best feeling)

It's not about having everything. Your attitude when you have nothing shows a lot. It's okay to have nothing and be contended, it's just how you take it in stride.

Remember, "it's the simplest things in life that brings us the greatest joy".

With love & till next time,

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