YYOKEFONG: thoughtpost: when is enough, enough?

16 Jun 2015

thoughtpost: when is enough, enough?

We've all reached that stage whereby we are so frustrated and angered by someone that we can't just take it anymore. Some find heart to forgive and offer a second chance, whereas others doubt the limit of frustration that they can withstand.

But when is enough, enough?

Let me put across a scenario. Person A talks big, a lot. He/she is a NATO (No Action, Talk Only). He/she over promises you by boasting about the "unachievable' that he/she can achieve. For the very first time, you put your faith in him/her, allowing yourself to say, "Hey, yeah, he/she could actually do it after all!" But what was said is not delivered.

This same Person A twists your words as he "translates" it to another. A simple "I'm not feeling well today because I'm upset" could turn into "She's upset at you that's why she's not feeling well today". Yet you did not know that all these were happening.

Soon you find out. You get disappointed. Yet you tell yourself, this could be a fluke. He/she could improve. You keep faith, keep heart and yet the same thing repeats itself for a few more times.

How much disappointment can your heart take? How much frustration would you let yourself feel? When is it enough to "blow up" at the person to explain your situation and your feelings?

Enough for me is when I've given the person more than five chances to make things right and not repeat the same mistake. I myself have a heart too. I don't see why I should leave my heart out there for the same person to hurt and disappoint me all over again. I'll choose to save my little heart, hold it tight.

But this cycle is bound to repeat itself with a different person similar to Person A.

Till then, I had enough.

With love & till next time,

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