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2 May 2015

thoughtpost: it's the little things that count

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Today's story is about a taxi uncle. But my story is none like Eden Ang's.

It was about 9.30 in the night. K and I walked to hail a taxi for a trip home while I wondered out loud if we were going to meet the same fast and furious taxi uncle the day before.

Upon hailing the cab and opening the door to enquire if a nets payment was possible, we were greeted with a big smile. "Good evening" said the man with a turban. Taking in his greyish bread, I assumed he was in his fifties.

As we were about to take off, he politely asked if there was any route we preferred. Even though we said we were fine with any one, he told us the route he was going to take to and asked if we were alright with it. K then said that both the routes were about the same, to which he replied firmly "I want to clearly state the route I'm taking!"

I remember the radio station being tuned to Saturday's "rock of ages" before we entered. "We Will Rock You" was the song and it was definitely a different type of music as compared to the usual Chinese or olden day type of song. In the next minute or so, he politely asked if we were alright with the rock music.

My face turned into a big smile as I found it quite silly yet a very nice gesture, especially when he had already clearly distinguished the route he was taking. "We're fine with it!" K and I replied. He then laughed and commented that Saturdays are when the station plays these songs for him to catch up on.

It was this moment that I told myself, I'm going to write something about him. Even though I failed to take a picture of his name (he switched off the screen for three quarter of the journey), I have the receipt with his car plate number on it.

"SHD4184K". I don't exactly remember his full name, but I think it's Mr. Shabanir (I tried googling to find his name but failed to do so). From what I gather, he is an Indian in his fifties, and loves rock.

My story is none like Eden Ang's. My taxi uncle, Mr. Shabanir of Comfort Transportation, vehicle number SHD4184K, spent time and effort making the taxi ride home comfortable. He did not make a great big gesture, but he made many small little tiny gestures that turned my night into an amazing one. He made me smile, and made my day better than it already was.

Mr. Shabanir has proven that every small action can make a person's day better, and that it is the little things that count the most. Thank you for giving us a pleasant experience. You deserve a million thanks, and a million more. 

With love & till next time,

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