YYOKEFONG: tea break @ grin affair

18 May 2015

tea break @ grin affair

Finally got to try the waffles at Grin Affair that my friend was talking about!

I'm not a fan of ice cream (cue the dramatic "what do you mean you don't like ice cream?!"), but sometimes, exceptions are made, especially with the horrendously erratic weather.

Served with cookies and creme gelato, this $9 waffle came with the shop's little snacks that can be found sold in jars. The matcha flavoured snack was not my favourite, however, the chocolate flavoured snack was not bad! It's albeit hard to cut through and will send your snack flying (trust me). Not to mention, they had a bite-sized brownie which was not too bad as well!

The other waffle came with a dark chocolate gelato, with peanut butter drizzle!

Other than that, the waffles were made of soy meringue and were definitely different from the other waffles I've tried so far! It's a little fluffy, and a little crispy on the outside. The best part of this dish? The cookies and creme!

Grin Affair
Block 505D
Bishan Street 11 #01-408
Singapore 574505

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