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10 May 2015

thoughtpost: mother's day

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My life with my mom has always been a real rollercoaster ride. Since young, we've fought over mindless things such as housework, schoolwork and what-nots. A simple thing such as what one person said could spark off an entire debate between the both of us.

I never liked housework, and having a younger sibling meant me taking a larger load. Naive then, I would complain about how unfair it was. My mom would then proceed to give a lecture on helping out in the house.

Whenever I had issues, I would try to talk to her and get her advice, but she'd always ended up scolding me for the poor decisions I made.

She and I would also shout at each other over the tone of our words.

All these made my house seem like a mad house, but in the recent years, our relationship has grown to be a more understanding one. My mom and I made a pact to never quarrel over housework ever again - what was instructed would be done, no comments said, no questions asked. I would also tell my mom how I felt about her negative reaction to my issues, and I remember telling her a few times that sometimes, all a person needs is a listening ear and to be comforted.

If you have or are facing the same issues as me, I would advice you to find some time, sit down and talk to her nicely. Mothers are human too, and every human makes mistakes. Moreover, being a mother is not easy, she always worries about you and in her eyes, you'll always be her baby. Encourage her and guide her along the way, it is after all a learning process.

Share with me your thoughts about your mother and if you need any advice, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at melissayipyokefong@gmail.com!

Hey mom, I know I never say this enough - I love you.

With love & till next time,

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