YYOKEFONG: dinner @ marche wovenpick

28 May 2015

dinner @ marche wovenpick

You would never expect a $19.90 steak to be as tasteful as this. Marche Wovenpick's weekly specials has the Angus Beef Steak up for grabs!

Described as an "Angus Beef Steak with Potato Salad and Asparagus", this dish is large enough so that two can share it and fill their stomachs. The two thin slices of steak was cooked to a medium-well done state, easy to cut through and chew.

Grilled with a non-spicy somewhat black pepper-like sauce, the steak was indeed delicious, but started to become more "jelat" as I reached the three-quarter mark of the steak. The potato salad however, was actually basic mashed potato. You'll have to add condiments (salt, black pepper, chilli flakes) provided on the side to add a little more zest. The asparagus was plain, but was a little tough to chew through for my liking.

The Baked Salmon with Potato Salad was also delicious, but joined the "jelat" team. The potato salad however, was much more delicious than the one in the steak dish! This dish is also a weekly special, at $21.90! Do try it when it's back!

Marche Wovenpick
50 Jurong Gateway Road
#01-03, JEM
Singapore 608549

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