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1 Feb 2017

beauty review: beauty keeper taiwan

I received a parcel from Sample Store for Beauty Keeper Taiwan

It included a few products:

1. YOHO Power BeautySkin18-Probiotics Collagen
The YOHO Power Probiotics Collagen is a supplement that consists of 12 different super berries that helps radiate your skin. The 12 berries include acai berries, cherries, chilean fruit wine, 2 types of cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, mangosteens, promegranates, strawberries, wolfberries.

Photo Credits: Yvonne

Enhancing the effectiveness of collagen for the skin, the YOHO Power Probiotics Collagen has a few "powers": a) The Power of Youth: making you beautiful without make up, b) The Power of Firm & Elastic Skin: making you always photogenic, c) The Power of Collagen: helping your make up last longer, d) The Power of Berries: giving you a delicious and radiant look, and, e) The Power of Mobility & Flexibility: keeping you energetic and strong.

This definitely a all-in-one package that solves multiple skin issues.

2. Inna Organic Rose Geranium Skin Soothing Facial Mask
With a PH level of 6, the levels of skin irritations are reduced as it is close to the PH level of your skin. With all ingredients verified by EWG and all organic essential oils blend certified by ECOCERT, the Rose Geranium Mask proves 3 benefits: a) Helps reduce skin damage and stabilises your skin, b) Calms you down and soothes your skin and c) Contains mint extract that refreshes your mind.

After a long day, having this mask on rejuvenates the skin and removes the weariness.

If you're interested in getting any of these items, you can do so on Beauty Keeper's website here.

With love & till next time,
mel ♥

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